Coming soon: SSL and Personal Authentication Certificates

Over at Ciptor Benelux, we’re always looking out to give you an edge when it comes to protecting your data and IT assets. That’s why we will start offering two new products soon: SSL certificates and Personal Authentication certificates, using to respectively protect your web sites and e-mail.

SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate allows yo to use the HTTPS protocol, which encryps communication between the user browser and your website(s), which is important to secure the communication of sensitive data such as usernames, passwords, or – for e-commerce – payment details. An SSL certificate is installed on the web server and is verified by the users’ browser. There are different types of SSL certificates, which differentiate by the domains they protect, the insurance and the company verification that’s displayed in the certificate.

(Pro tip: We’ll be also offering hosting packages which include an SSL certificate and it’s installation, through our affiliate Scloud Hosting)

Personal Authentication Certificates

Personal Authentication Certificates are installed in your mail client. They are used to encryp and digitally sign the e-mails you’re sending using the client they’re installed in. They assure the authenticity of your identity for the recipients of your e-mails.

Coming soon

Corporate clients can start requesting quotes for both solutions starting today. For end-users, we’ll be rolling out the products through our sales channels in the upcoming week(s).

Keep following our channels for more information!