How to setup U2F in your WordPress site

The era of two-factor authentication is now, and one of the more popular forms of authentication which is supported by giants like Google is U2F (which stands for universal 2nd factor, obviously). The idea behind U2F is that you use a hardware token in combination with your existing password.

If you are looking to add U2F to your WordPress website, look no further. Our very own Steven Zeegers has created a video tutorial in which he explains how to setup U2F and add a key to your account.

The best part is that it’s under five minutes long. What’s even better, is that the plugin you’re about to install is a hundred percent free (and offers tons of other 2FA options). Wait, no. The best part is, that in ten minutes, your website will be safer than it’s ever been before.

In this video, Steven is using the Ciptor branded U2F key. It’s available from our store. When you use the discount code U2FWPVID you can get a €5 discount on your U2F key purchase.