summer has arrived !!

Summer has arrived, and for many people that means they’ll be taking a well deserved vacation (abroad). Ah, the good times and the memories!

However, for some people, sometimes the temptation to take your work with you is just too big. We’re not judging! Of course we are wishing that everyone’s vacation is pleasant and sun soaked. But what if things go south and someone steals your device? What if they could put their hands on your valuable company data?

That would be bad news, and depending on the data you had access to could cost you or your employers a whole lot of money – and possibly your job. So if you have are taking your work (device) with you on your well deserved vacation, please be safe and keep the following tips in mind:

1. Secure your accounts with two-factor authentication. A Yubikey does’t require a lot of space, and you were planning to take your phone with you anyway. Options galore.

2. Don’t use regular removable devices to store your files on. USB sticks might be convenienent, but they’re easily lost. You don’t want those confidential files to end up in the hands of a Spanish cyber criminal, do you?

3. When you need external storage, our Datashure devices are a solid alternative. The data is encrypted and secured with a password that only you know. (LINK TO DATASHURE PRODUCT)

4. Free Wifi is great, however it is also dangerous. Unsecured networks open up your device to all sorts of unpleasant attacks. Uploading that beach shot to Facebook, or being able to go back to your job because your laptop didn’t get hacked? Tough choice. Decisions, decisions.

Wben heading on vacation this summer, keep in mind that the data on your device might be a lot more than the device itself. Sticks and stones might break your laptop, but data which is stolen? That’s worse. A lot worse.

We’re wishing you a great summer. Please be safe and use your devices responsibly!

– The Ciptor Benelux Team

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