Don’t unsubscribe from newsletters you didn’t sign up for

If my mailbox is any indication, you probably get a lot of spam mails and possibly worse, every day. The latest “method” of the cyber criminals to lure you into clicking on one of their links, is by masking it as an unsubscribe link.

The mails might present themselves as questionable mails from an unreliable source. One example that was shown to us, was a “contact me” mail from a dating site, for which the recipient hadn’t signed up (as the site didn’t exist to begin with). So, when you see the unsubscribe link, you might be tempted to click that, thinking “I didn’t sign up for this.”

And that would be a mistake, since that link will lead you to a website where they’re trying to hijack your browser or who knows what else. The thing is, they want you to unsubcribe from that questionable mail. That’s how they get to you.

The solution for this problem is fairly simple. Ignore the mail and mark it as spam. In an ideal word you’ve got a solution like Gdata’s Internet Security bundle installed on your computer (which is still available from our webshop for €30,00 and protects multiple devices).

In summary, think twice before unsubscribing from fishy mails, because that might be exactly what they’d want you to do.

Take care, and be (cyber) safe!

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