Setting sail

Since Ciptor Benelux set its sails for what will be an exciting journey two months earlier, we’ve steadily been working on our online presence. We believe in reaching out to people using the platforms they prefer. That’s why we’re already active on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and of course there’s our flagship website, our e-commerce platform¬†through which you can buy the latest security and authentication solutions directly from us.

And with this blog post, we’re active on another platform – the wonderful world of blogging. We’ll be using this blog to keep you up-to-date about offers, products, opinions and of course the latest and greatest news relevant to our offering. So don’t hesitate to come back, for more interesting blog posts.

What we’re still working on

We’re working on the Ciptor Hub which will connect you with the different online platforms and places where Ciptor Benelux is active.

One of these platforms will be our knowledge base, where we’re planning to offer top notch documentation on relevant products. Think documents, video’s and more. And last but not least, we’re working on setting up on a Ciptor Academy, where our partners can educate themselves to get familiar with the products and solutions we offer.

We’re looking forward to update you about these projects – and other interesting topics – soon. Until then!