Website and E-mail outage on March 14

March 14th, 2018

Dear Web Hosting customers,

Earlier today, our German hosting partner reported a global problem across all web servers in their data center.

As a result, none of our customer websites were accessible while their system engineers worked hard to resolve the problem. During the downtime, websites and e-mail were unavailable, and our team couldn’t access the back-end of your web hosting account.

Unfortunately, this event was unavoidable and the result of an 1 in a million error. Our hosting partner has a lot of procedures and state of the art infrastructure in place to prevent downtime like we currently experienced. This was the only and first problem of this scale that we’ve experienced. The problem was resolved quickly given how many servers it affected (all our own sites were down as well) so we have not lost our confidence in our hosting partner.

Currently, all websites and e-mail are back online again. Our own monitors are reporting green lights across the board and we have manually performed
tests to make sure that all services are properly running again.

We would like to apologize for the downtime and any problems this might have caused.

Kind regards,

Web Hosting Division Ciptor Benelux