Looking for the graphically gifted

Photo by Kelly Sikkema

Over at Ciptor Benelux, we are passionate about many different things. There is GDPR, cyber security, offering you the right tools to make the most out of your IT investment for your company… and there’s always the web.

We are passionate about helping people with their website and eCommerce, but there’s a limit to what we can do. Our current team has got the technical side covered. We know how to make a good, fast eCommerce site or a business website that’ll easily pass our strict GDPR test. But can we make them look good as well?

You can get far with a stock template and a few tweaks. Just ask our competitors! But we want to take things a bit further than that. We want to create websites that meet the ideas of our clients, and the vision they have for their company. We want to connect that with modern web standards, ease of use and websites that look really, really good.

That’s why we are looking for help. We are looking for graphical designers and web designers that are willing to collaborate on our future projects.

IF you are a graphical designer or a web designer who is looking for work, take a look at out Jobs page on our website, and drop us a line.