Got GDPR questions? We’ve got answers!

A new set of laws that will become active in April 2018, often called “GDPR” will greatly affect all companies that work with sensitive user data. But what is GDPR, exactly? What should your company be doing to prepare? How will this affect you?

People have a lot of questions about the topic of GDPR. We are here to help you. Feel free to get in touch with your questions regarding your business, whether you are a company dealing with data that will be affected by GDPR or an IT company that is looking for solutions to address the problems that GDPR might cause.

Feel free to contact us with your questions. Our team of experts will more than happy to answer them and help you design a strategy around GDPR. Your questiosn might also be used for a series of blog posts and videos on the topic of GDPR which we will start working on soon.